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In May 2008 the City Council announced funding of £4.8m  “to transform the city into a flourishing centre for cyclists”, I wished to see how our Councillors planned to spend the funding after a few emails and liitle detail a FOI request was made .

I have now recieved a pretty full breakdown for £3.5m of the £4.9 earmarked ( see attachments ), in an attempt to discover if this is how the Councillors truly agreed the funding was to be spent I have sent the below Email to Councillor Derek Capey and Councillor Debra Gratton and their Group Leaders, I”l update the blog with any reply I get if any.


As you have both been involved in promoting Stoke on Trent as a cycling city, I would like to ask a few questions on the scheme as I have now finally got the breakdown of how the funding has been divided up, your answers on none replies will be published on my blog

Please see attached for the breakdown of the funding.

In May 2008 the City Council announced funding of £4.8m  “to transform the city into a flourishing centre for cyclists”

So far £3.5m has been earmarked or spent on various projects.The majority of funding ( £2.5m) would appear to have been spent on Staff and Road Works ( fixing pot holes etc. ), was this your intended vision on how to increase the level of Cycling within the City?

Why was 8 new members of staff required, what areas of expertise was the City Council lacking?

Why did off road routes not deserve a bigger percentage? surely this would encourage more to take up cycling in the City.

So far the talk of  bike hire centres, training courses and a Cycle Recovery Centre that will recycle donated bikes, do not appear in the funding plans, any news of the future of these proposals?

Thank You

Ian Norris


Projected and actual spend of Cycle Stoke projects

Stoke Cycling City

UPDATE 7th March 2010

Received a reply from Cllr Derek Capey, let him know your views, contact details

Cllr. Derek Capey 7 March 2010 10:12

Dear Ian,

I am aware that officers have replied to your questions, I have copies of replies sent to you by Bev Cope who is no longer with us now and I am also aware that you applied for FOI request which was sent to you. I am also aware that John Nichol as also replied to your questions.

It is my opinion that we are getting very good value for the £4.9  million over the 3 years which was match funded by the Government making it almost £10 million. That has been spent on making new cycle paths and up grading some of the ones already in existence.

We have 1 year of the scheme left to complete and we are working  very hard on that with Cycle England who are very happy with what we have done so far.

I have received no complaints from anyone living in the City except from yourself.


Cllr. Derek Capey Cabinet Member for Sport, Leisure, Parks and Open Space


2 responses to “Cycling City

  1. Hi Ian

    I don’t know enough about this scheme to make any judgements.

    However I would like to question Mr Capeys attitude and the way he berates you asking questions.

    I’ll be looking into this though, as £10 million spent on the cities cycle schemes. Really, I don’t see £10 millions worth cycle tracks.

    Keep digging Ian.

  2. How dare you ask questions!

    If only councillors (generally) would have this attitude where it matters, in the council chamber.

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