Urgent Decision or being pushed through Backdoor?

After the Sentinel released news of this closed agenda item, I read the HCA memo 6th July referred to


The Weston Coyney was not approved back 0n 31st March 2010 but is still as on the Not Secured List and is still subject to further evaluation.

The Only Scheme to receive funding was J S Bloor for the Clanway brickworks, off the Tunstall Northern Bypass , which received £171,000 for 52 Homes whereas Lovell Partnerships Ltd where asking £2,045,345 for 59 Homes.

As it was not approved back in March 2010 and Officers and Councillors would have been aware of this as it was made Public, why is there a need to deal with it on the closed agenda as an urgent item.

The Sentinel reports that “The report states: “As the HCA’s decision not to approve any further applications for Kick-Start funding was only made public on July 6 and, due to the potential consequences of that decision on the continued redevelopment of the Coalville Estate, members are requested to deal with the matter under the special urgency procedure.”

The above documents would make that statement incorrect, The bid was not secured BACK in March 2010 (not July 6) and is still open for further evaluation


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