John van de Laarschot and Vanguard

Who paid for John van de Laarschot stay at the Heythrop Park Conference Centre October 2006?

John van de Laarschot conducted a workshop for Vanguard on “transforming the planning service, member engagement and dealing with malpractice.” at the Vanguard Conference 17th October 2006

John van de Laarschot then claimed travel expenses from Torridge District Council for the 350 mile round trip, but Torridge District Council have no record of any expenses claimed for food or accomadation, so who paid? Vanguard?

Under of Stoke-on-Trent City Councils Constitution

4. Gifts and Hospitality

If we accept gifts, monetary donations, hospitality or invitations to events from people who are, or may be, dealing with the Council, the Council and its employees could be open to criticism and give rise to concerns over preferential treatment or favouritism.

The general rule must be that you should tactfully and politely refuse any offers of gifts, alcohol, monetary donations or hospitality.

N.B. No gift of money, a monetary donation or alcohol must ever be accepted, regardless of the value

Will any action be taken by Councillors or Legal Department? NO


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