Hanley road changes

Proposals for the redesign of Hanleys road network have now been published as part of the plans (51668/res) for the new bus station. The proposals are still at a very early stage and may change during the forthcoming consultations, the proposals are only intended to show that the new access along Bagnall St and exit along Bethesda St are feasable access points.

I asked Cabinet members about public safety along Trinity Street during the evening as currently it is closed to traffic after 9pm, I’ve been informed outbound services are likely to re-route along Marsh Street North and will not therefore be able to pick up in Stafford Street and inbound services will probably use Potteries Way to Bethesda Street and will not be able to set down in Stafford Street.

Approximate timescales will be:

February 2011 – July 2011
· Preliminary design work for bus re-routing
March 2011 – July 2011
· Informal stakeholder consultation on preliminary design proposals
August 2011
· Cabinet Report and approval to proceed
September 2011 – November 2011
· Advertising TROs and formal consultation with stakeholders
December 2011
· Report on objections and approval to construct
January 2012 – March 2012
· Detailed design work for bus rerouting
March 2012 – September 2012
· Construction of highway alterations and relocation of bus stops
September 2012
· Introduction of new routes

To me the routes greatly favour the south of Hanley and the New Tesco store, possible to detriment to the northern section, anyone with thoughts and questions should ask your local councillor, contact the council officer Phil Murphy 01782 232129 (ASAP 15th March Planning decision made) or just comment below and they can be passed on to the Cabinet member.

UPDATE from the Development Control meeting 16th which agreed reserved matters

In response to my objection

Members were informed of an additional objection received requesting for a planning condition to be imposed recommending that no works should begin until all necessary Traffic Regulation Orders and funding arrangement were in place.

It was considered that a planning condition to this effect would be unnecessary given that the Traffic Regulation order would be dealt with under the ‘Road Traffic Regulation 1984’ with consultation to be carried out in accordance with ‘The Local Authorities’ Traffic Orders (Procedure) (England and Wales) Regulations 1996. The development phasing would allow for this process to be carried out fully also allowing for any necessary amendments to bus routing to be made without compromising access to the bus station.


Further information on what highway changes are proposed proposed can be read here


As referenced within the s.106 obligation, all access and egress to the bus station (except coaches) will be taken from John Street with all inbound buses travelling along Bagnall Street past the front of the Victoria Hall. This will require the existing northbound only one way system on Bagnall Street to be changed to southbound only by way of a revised traffic order. This will also require alterations to existing signage and road markings to tie in with these directional changes and must ensure that vehicular access and egress to Adventure Place is ensured. It also represents a major increase in vehicle movements (approx. 130 buses per hour) along both Bagnall Street past the front of the Victoria Hall and Pall Mall past the Regent Theatre.

There are also numerous existing parking areas, taxi bays, loading bays, bus lanes, bus stops and shelters, road markings and signage, cycle and pedestrian routes, etc that will require removal and / or alteration as a consequence of these proposals as and when all inbound and outbound routes have been agreed.


Open E-Mail Budget

Sent the below to Cllr Pervez Cllr Ward Cllr Clarke and Van De Larrschott….

The Councils proposed budget includes a possible spend of £25 million of the earmarked reserves in 2010/11 to fund the City Council’s service redesign and remodelling programme. Yet no further mention is mentioned on what items and services this funding includes?

Why was this available funding not included in the consultation documents on the budget proposals?

What exactly will this £25M be spent on?

Cllr Ward, yes I have copied this into 3 councillors and chief exec in the hope that one of you knows the answer and can reply. Also I am still waiting for reply to the situation of the road Changes to Hanley as email to yourself earlier (whose funding is funding in place? Has planning been approved? Who has been consulted?) As Cllr Clarke has been copied in maybe he can reply on funding aspect.

Cllr Pervez and Cllr Clarke I have still to receive a reply requarding the £20,000 investigation into Galmor and if the Council will be loaning them £1M?

You are all invited to reply as individuals or may forward AGAIN to your officers for a reply if you need to, I will copy orginal emails below.

Thank You

Ian Norris

Galmor Sent 15th Oct 2010

For Cabinet members and Council leadr can you answer the below questions?

If Galmor are unable to keep to the loan repayments, and the Council inherit the Wade site,

  • What is the market value of land/building?
  • Could the Could resell the land/building immediately with out any redevelopment?
  • How much would it cost the Council to redevelop the land/building if needed to re-sell?

Who are Galmor? as neither ”Galmor Capital” or “Galmor investment” are registered with company house, they do own a few empty buildings and along with their partner South Court Management own  Zanzibar in Newcastle and rent out an office block in Birchwood, Warrington. But what of their background

Is the owner of GALMORCAPITAL.COM WHOIS Registrant: greig howe 11a haven road canford cliffs poole, dorset bh13 7le

The same Managing Director – Greig Howe G B H Engineering Ltd. 11a Haven Road Canford Cliffe Poole BH13 7LE (Road Map) Dorset, which http://www.companiesintheuk.co.uk/ltd/gbh-engineering lists as  In Administration?

Interestingly website http://www.linkedin.com a network for business contacts lists a Gary Stuart as owner of a South Court Management Galmor and is based in Monaco while the entrepreneur and CEO of  South Court Management Galmor Gary Stalwart is based in Namibia.

Hanley Road Changes

As part of the proposed bus station a number of changes also appear to proposed for the wider network

Making Stafford Street and Marsh Street Two Way.

Removing Bus services Town Road through to Meigh Street

Using Trinity Street which is currently closed certain evenings in the week.

Will the funding to enable these works be included in the 106 or 278 of the Bus Station or funded via the LTP?

Ian Norris