Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir,

Over the last few months our City Councillors, Our elected representatives, have been condemning the national governments reduction in the amount of funding they give the City, to go towards funding the services the City provides.

They have said that due to this reduction they have been forced to close many of our loved services such as Swimming Pools in Shelton and Tunstall and the City Farm/Finney Gardens/Bucknall Zoo.

What they have failed to shout so loudly about is that ur elected representatives are also adding £7M to a Contingency fund (for some future use)  as well as upping the amount they put into a reserved pot (for a rainy day) from £0.5M a year to £1.5M a year.

Why would they do such a thing when communities are fighting to set up trusts to run these services, could they not spare a bit of that £10M to help?

Or are our elected representatives really just trying to make the national Tories and Libdems look bad by blaming them for closing our services? You could see how Labour Cllrs would see this tactic as a benefit to them, but what of our, local Tory and Libdems have they just agreed so they can keep their cabinet seats? To be honest I don’t know why they would close these services and at the same time put £10M into the Bank.

I’ve contacted all councillors asking  why they agreed to stash £10M a way? But you guessed it not one of them replied. But as their all now out asking for Your VOTE maybe they will tell YOU, it’s worth a try Ask them, isn’t it?

Ian Norris


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