The Cities New Directorates

Adult and Neighbourhood Services the director is Tony Oakman.
The directorate covers the following areas:
Adult Social Care
Commissioning and Innovation
Neighbourhood and Engagement Partnerships
Housing Services

Children and Young People’s Service the director is Sharon Menghini.
The directorate covers the following areas:
Learning Services
Integration Services
Vulnerable Children and Corporate Parenting
Policy, Planning and Strategic Support

City Renewal Services the director is Hardial Bhogal.
The directorate covers the following areas:
Technical Services
City Regeneration
City Services
Enterprise and Skills

Business Services The Acting director for  is Steve Sankey.
The directorate covers the following areas:
Financial Services
Business Technology
Legal Services
Member Services

Chief Executives The Chief Executive is John van de Laarschot.
The directorate provides the following services:
Press Office
Our Website
Branding and Publications
Corporate Events and Marketing
Olympics Co-ordination
Translation Service
Print and Design Service
Corporate Advertising
HR advice and Guidance
Health and Safety
Emergency Planning
Organisational Development
Contact Centre
Rewards and Benefits


with four Overview and Scrutiny Committee overseeing the cabinets work

Adults and Neighbourhoods Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Business Services and Chief Executives Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Children and Young People’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee
City Renewal Overview and Scrutiny Committee


The size of Cabinet has yet to be revealed but will likely be 4 or 5 including the council leader



Labours Budget, a few unanswered Questions

Why can no one in the Labour Coalition or any of the Labour Candidates explain


Why they have increased the Council allocation to General Reserves from £0.5million last year upto £1.5million this year? thats £1million that could have been used to save our services.


Why £3million was set aside as part of the £11million committed funds for PFI schemes, when PFI schemes are funded from the £60million allocated reserves?


Why has £7million been allocated to a contingency fund?


I’ve been asking since at least December Last year so they have had plenty of Time to reply, but nothing/ziltch

Is it correct to add money to reserves and a rainy day fund money while closing services?