Consultation on the road network in Hanley

The construction of the new bus station and the East West Development will mean there have to be some changes to the way the City Centre works. As part of the redesign of bus routes, the council will need to introduce new one-way streets and change the direction of some streets.


  • Monday 11 July (9.30am – 12.30pm)
  • Tuesday 12 July (12.30pm – 4pm)
  • Wednesday 13 July (4pm – now extended to 7.30pm)


This is just Phase 1 of the changes and includes just the works in the John Street and Bethesda Street area of Hanley, the later changes around Trinity Street and Stafford Street are still to be finalised and will be announced at a later date.


Bethesda Street – The council will remove all the on-street parking to allow buses and other traffic to get along the road without being obstructed, and from John Street to Albion Street will restricted to buses, bicycles and hackney carriages.


To compensate for the loss of disabled parking in Bethesda Street, we are proposing to add three extra disabled parking bays in Warner Street and one extra space in Albion Street there will also be an extra five disabled bays on level 1 of John Street multi-storey car park.


Blue Badge holders should also check the pages on parking and loading here, as the changes to loading restrictions and pay and display parking may affect them by restricting parking on yellow lines and in pay and display bays. This is to ensure free flow of Buses around the City Centre and Loading Restriction give greater power over ‘no parking’ then Double Yellow lines


Bagnall Street – To reverse the direction of traffic flow in to accommodate bus movements inbound towards the bus station.


Old Hall Street – The East West Development will pedestrianise much of Old Hall Street between Parliament Row and Lichfield Street. This means that bus services will not be able to use Old Hall Street to get to the new bus station.


John Street – No loading from 7am to 7pm on the north side and No loading at any time on the south side.


To keep up to date with future proposals visit the Council Web Site



There will be parking restrictions in place in both Stafford Street and Marsh Street to complement the changes in bus routes due to the new location of the bus station.
The current proposals are to restrict access in Stafford Street (from Trinity Street) to buses, taxis, disabled and loading only northbound, and buses and cycles only southbound.  No parking or loading will be allowed on the east side (in the contraflow bus lane).  The current bus stops and loading bays will remain on the west side.
Similarly, it is proposed to maintain the existing parking and loading prohibitions on the west side of Marsh Street South. We may also ban parking or loading on the east side if a contraflow bus lane on this side is required.
We will in any case be consulting on the details of these later in the year to finalise the proposals.