UPDATE: In-Vessel composting facility in the City

In March 2010 Stoke on Trent awarded a Contract for the processing of bio-degradable municipal waste (primarily green garden waste. Food waste and cardboard) collected from households to Vital Earth, it included a three year break clause.

In December 2010 the Meeting of Improving Communities  Overview and Scrutiny Committee agreed to “Relocating the Greenhouse 2000 to the Excelsior works site releasing the Festival Park site and to relocate the restructured waste services department to Excelsior works.” The Excelsior site was the preferred site for In-Vessel composting facility in the City as recommended in the 2009  “Ancer Spa” report.

The recommendation from Improving Communities never made it to the Full council budget meeting in February 2011, since then what work has taken place to ensure a In-Vessel composting facility is made available in the City.

When is a Reserved Matters Planning Application likely to be submitted? Is the council on track to meet the a three year break clause?


The potential rethink of the Waste Strategy is in preparation at the moment and these matters will be considered by a cross party Member led Policy Forum in September prior to submission to Cabinet


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