Budget Question sent to Leader of Council – Updated with Reply

I sent the below email to Council Leader

Can you please provide total spending on PFI schemes, landfill tax, waste disposal, energy, vehicles and capital investment programme (per project if possible) for the years 2010,2011 and the councils prediction for 2012, 2013/15 including the future capital schemes the council has planned (bus station, eturia valley, competion Hanley ring road etc..)Can you provide a breakdown of how the £5m investment will be split between different schemes?

After hearing nothing I chased the issue up, only to then received a reply from the FOI department? Surely the Leader of the Council didn’t forward my email to FOI for a reply? Not being too happy with prospect of waiting at least 20 days for FOI department to reply,  I resent the question, this time the Leader of the Council replied promptly.

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