Stoke on Trent on show at TopDrawer Exhibition

Some Stoke-on-Trent companies you may not have heard of exhibiting in London at TopDrawer

Anita Harris Art Pottery

Anne Mychalkiw Designs

Blaize Ceramics

Caverswall China

Cole of London

Denise O’Sullivan Ceramics

Dimbleby Ceramics

Fenella Smith Tableware

Heron Cross Pottery

Hudsons of England Ltd

Tony Laverick Ceramics

Tuke And Tuke


3 responses to “Stoke on Trent on show at TopDrawer Exhibition

  1. Hi Ian,
    Just having a quick read, seems that Tuke and Tuke are based in Wales, even if the pots are made for them in Staffs they don’t seem to mention Stoke on Trent. Not knocking Wales … I like Wales ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for putting this up though, great to see local ceramics and creative people being shouted about.
    (You might like the DappledSky wordpress site, if you get chance to take a look)
    All the best

  2. Thank for including us in this post, Ian, Frankfurt is very cold looking forward to coming back to a warmer uk in the next few days.

    Kind regards
    Dimbleby Ceramics

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