Stoke on Trent in Europe

In two weeks times will be the start of MIPIN running from 6th to 9th March, MIPIM is the European meeting point and dealmaking forum for many key industry players. Finding real estate investors, developers, local authorities and corporate occupiers all under one roof.

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Foreign Direct Investment Magazine

Stoke-on-Trent is named 6th best Micro City for Infrastructure in Europe, Slough was ranked number 1 with other UK Cities ranking 3 – Reading 4 – Milton Keynes 8 – Cambridge 10- Nottingham

Reading and Cambridge in the UK were the only cities in the overall top 10 that are micro
cities; Reading is ranked as the top micro city of the future.

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The Future of Dimensions

Stoke on Trent City Council offer assurances over the future of the Splash Pool at Dimensions, after The Sentinel reported that “Mr Chaudry could only support the new plans if it means the splash pool being replaced and asked the council to look again at partnerships with private swimming facilities.”

As part of the Councils £5million Save to Invest programme the Council plan to set aside £500,000 for the Creation of a new swimming pool at Dimensions as part of a larger £6-7million redevelopment, but pledge the Splashpool will remain.

In reply to a query from Cllr Gwen Hassall Cabinet Member for Housing and Neighbourhoods . Judith Kirk Assistant director of neighbourhood engagement wrote

The Council has identified potentially £500k to invest in a new 25m pool at Dimensions in its capital investment programme for 2014/15.  This sum in itself is insufficient to fund a project of this nature (which is likely to cost circa £6-7m). As a result to proceed with this scheme the Council will need to bid for significant external grant funding for the scheme to progress. There are no plans or any discussions in relation to this which involve Mr Chaudry. Additionally, as part of the development of a new 25m pool at Dimensions we would not seek to close the existing leisure pool rather add functionality to the overall site. There are many examples of successful facilities where leisure and traditional pools compliment each other.

 I hope you find this response helpful.


 Judith Kirk