Foreign Direct Investment Magazine

Stoke-on-Trent is named 6th best Micro City for Infrastructure in Europe, Slough was ranked number 1 with other UK Cities ranking 3 – Reading 4 – Milton Keynes 8 – Cambridge 10- Nottingham

Reading and Cambridge in the UK were the only cities in the overall top 10 that are micro
cities; Reading is ranked as the top micro city of the future.

Bristol leads small cities, the best small city of the future is Bristol in the UK, scoring particularly well in the business friendliness category, due in part to its concentrated high-tech and knowledge-based sectors.

What Defines Infrastructure?

• Upload speed (kb/s)

• Download speed (kb/s)

• Number of airports serving city

• Distance to nearest international airport

• Number of international destinations served

• Size of local port (if applicable)

• Cargo volume through local port (tonnes)

• Container traffic through local port (TEU)

• Logistics Performance Index

• Network Readiness Index

• Environmental Performance Index

• ICT Development Index


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