Stoke on Trent in Europe

In two weeks times will be the start of MIPIN running from 6th to 9th March, MIPIM is the European meeting point and dealmaking forum for many key industry players. Finding real estate investors, developers, local authorities and corporate occupiers all under one roof.

With Stoke on Trent having just been aknowledged as one of the Top Ten Micro Cities in Europe for infrastructure, you’d expect a strong showing from the Council making the most of  Fdi report and there new found standing.

But while Coventry, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham will all have a presence at MIPIM 2012, Stoke on Trent have decided to stay at home this year. will be there too, a late show on the exhibitors list but Make it Stoke and Staffordshire will be there.

Could this simply be a money saving exercise, or a realisation that past trips have failed to generate any significant interest and investment. Can and Should Stoke on Trent be competing with the Big Boys?


3 responses to “Stoke on Trent in Europe

  1. Littleblackcat

    I think you’re wrong about Stoke not being at MIPIM. I was talking to one of the people who is going from the City Renewal Directorate last week and he was very upbeat about the event. Whether it does any good is another matter of course.

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