New leaner Traffic Regulation Order for Hanley

Below my questions and answer from Stoke on Trent officers

What measures are to be put in place to prevent negative impact on the proposed public realm improvements in Albion Square and Parliament Square, from the proposed relaxation of access to Percy Street and Tontine Street?

We do not expect there to be a significant increase in the volume of traffic in Albion Square or Parliament Square as a result of the relaxation of the access restrictions for Percy Street to allow access for loading and unloading of goods at any time rather than before 10am and after 5pm.  It will mean that there will be some traffic in the Continue reading


Changes to Hanley to allow Buses to access the Bus Station

The below image is what we was lead to believe was the future for parts of Hanley, but after discussions with Local traders, Leading Councillors and officers are now proposing that vehicles can now continue to use these streets to access the shops involved.

The Golems

On reading about the art walk around the city 5th May with preview today got me thinking I really should finish my google map of stuff around stoke, will deffo be trying to add and complete through the summer.

If anyone has info on the pieces I can add, pleaase feel free to comment or edit map yourself it should be open to all.ll so glad its sunny today for the Guerrilla Knitted Cottage Garden

That is a

Little Earthquake, The Golems

Saturday 5th May, 10am-2pm Continue reading

Is anyone moving for the Demolition

If other are coming then the demoltion of east/west precinct will be starting soon so what plans do existing retailers have, I asked Blacks

Have you a date for when your Hanley Store will be closing, and will you move to temporary store before moving into a City Sentral store?


their reply

Dear Ian,

Thank you for your email.As far as we are aware the Hanley store will not be closing.

Kind regards, Continue reading

Letting Agents

City Sentral will contain 11 food & beverage units, 1 Department store and 70 shops, with work progressing on the new Bus Station ready for its opening this Autumn and the consultation on the Traffic Regulations Orders required to get the Buses to new station as smoothly as possible, ending. I decided it was now time to go more directly to the source of “who has signed up for a new store?”

Continue reading

Following MIPIM

So MIPIM the leading international real estate fair in Cannes has been and gone, and Cllr Meredith pickup an award for Stoke on Trent for its Infrastructure. During the event one conference “UK Cities: investing in infrastructure for growth” stood out as potential for Stoke at MIPIM.  But in the reports on the the conference no mention is made of Stoke on Trent despite its award, I questioned Cllr Meredith on Stokes attendance but received no reply, Continue reading