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So MIPIM the leading international real estate fair in Cannes has been and gone, and Cllr Meredith pickup an award for Stoke on Trent for its Infrastructure. During the event one conference “UK Cities: investing in infrastructure for growth” stood out as potential for Stoke at MIPIM.  But in the reports on the the conference no mention is made of Stoke on Trent despite its award, I questioned Cllr Meredith on Stokes attendance but received no reply, Cities which were represented at infrastructure for growth were Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester.

Of the overall coverage Stoke on Trent received from their attendance at MIPIM, I have seen the Councils Press Release published twice, and the below mention in the report “The benefits of being UK, Country of Honour”

In smaller industrial cities such as Hull, Burnley, Stoke and Blackpool which have slipped further behind, suffering from an acute lack of scale, economic diversity, and social identity. These cities face severe challenges to cultivate substantial knowledge clusters, to reverse the drain of talent, and to develop mechanisms to communicate and self-promote internationally with a united voice.

Are these the Cities we should be aiming our sights on as competition, is it time to step down from competiting with Birmingham and Manchester because frankly we aren’t.

Onto some more potential retailers for City Sentral “eat” provides good quality freshly made soups and sandwichs at reasonable prices, they had this to say.


Thanks for your email regarding Stoke.

 Unfortunately for Stoke we are concentrating on the larger Cities of the UK.Once we have secured representation in these locations then we will look at smaller cities.

 Sorry its not the answer you wanted.


Next on my wish list for Hanley was SuperDry, Superdry fuses design influences from Japanese graphics and vintage Americana, with the values of British tailoring.

Dear Ian,

 Unfortunately I have no information regarding a store opening in Stoke on Trent at this current time but have passed your feedback on to the relevant department.

 Kind Regards

Pret A Manger creates handmade natural food avoiding the obscure chemicals, additives and preservatives common to so much of the ‘prepared’ and ‘fast’ food on the market today. Search for Pret A Manger on Google and the 2nd article is Q Is there a pret a manger in stoke on trent? If so where? A None, nearest Pret A Manger is located in Selfridges, Trafford Centre, Manchester, and Pret A Manger reply confirm it is likely to remain that way.

Hi Ian,

Thank you for your email and for thinking of Pret. I’m afraid Stoke on Trent is not currently on the list of areas we are looking to open.

 I’ll pass your feedback along though, should this become of interest down the line.

 Kind Regards,

The Last reply I received I hope may lead to a more positive report next week, as they provided me with the direct email to their Property Acquisition Consultant, who I have sent further details to and links to related Web Sites covering regeneration of Hanley, fingers crossed.

If anyone has any more for the wish list please post a comment below.


2 responses to “Following MIPIM

  1. elviscostello

    I’d like to see independents, particularly ones selling localy sourced foods. There’s already a lack of any real diversity in Hanley, compared to a much smaller town like Leek. What’s our answer to Getliffes Yard, or other places existing in towns a fraction of our size? Nothing against these places, they’re probably an improvement on the chains we already have, but I find myself going outside the city for real local charachter and quality, which shouldn’t be the case.

    • I think Hanley has already had all its local character developed out of and become just another clone town. I believe the council hope that a Big Shiney, Big Named shopping mall will create the extra footfall that will enable independent shops to come and fill the existing empty shops.

      But there are some nice independent shops spread about check out MYTunstall christmas window display competition and of course there the markets which I think Stoke should be proud of such as the Tunstall Market and Longton markets always worth a mooch around

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