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City Sentral will contain 11 food & beverage units, 1 Department store and 70 shops, with work progressing on the new Bus Station ready for its opening this Autumn and the consultation on the Traffic Regulations Orders required to get the Buses to new station as smoothly as possible, ending. I decided it was now time to go more directly to the source of “who has signed up for a new store?”

Over the past few weeks I’ve been e-mailing retailers, firstly I am genuinely intrigued about which stores are coming and secondly in my own little way to raise the profile of the City Sentral as it has very poor national press coverage outside of Stoke on Trent, maybe a facebook campaign similar to “nandos for stoke” could be launched?

Some people believe that retailers would want to protect their future business plans from business rivals and may not be totally honest in replying to a customers questions. How could we try and avoid this? Would removing names from the equation be of any benefit? possible, it could provide a more truthfully indication of progress made, keep business plans secret, but would unfortunately still keep us eager to know WHO is coming?

So who would know the numbers, who could provide some truth on the number of units let? The letting agents seemed pretty good bet, so off I sent them.

I’ve been doing some research on which retailers see Stoke on Trent as a possibility for future investment, I was encouraged that Radley were looking at the City and passed your details on to David Burland Property Consultant at Westridge , I hope he has been in touch.

Could you please provide a breakdown of the approx number of businesses that have contacted you with an interest in units at your property City Sentral in Hanley, Stoke on Trent? and how many have completed an agreement with you.

The reply was

Ian – thank you for your interest in CitySentral. We are at the very early stages in our marketing programme and are concentrating on securing the major anchor retailers and leisure users. Once these operators have been secured we will begin general marketing of the remaining 60 or so shop and restaurant units. More information on the scheme can be found at the CitySentral website.

So with 4 months till the Bus Station opens and work demolishing the old one begins, letting agents have still yet to focus on filling the 60plus units, which would explain why the retailers I wrote to have not yet expressed an interest, as they have not been asked or made aware of development.


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