Changes to Hanley to allow Buses to access the Bus Station

The below image is what we was lead to believe was the future for parts of Hanley, but after discussions with Local traders, Leading Councillors and officers are now proposing that vehicles can now continue to use these streets to access the shops involved.

traffic free image

“Officers consider that permitting access into Percy Street at all times for loading and unloading via Old Hall Street is a better solution. Discussions with the businesses have confirmed this as acceptable. The change in access restrictions will also need to include Old Hall Street west of Goodson Street, Stafford Street south of Percy Street and Albion Street between Stafford Street and Cheapside to provide a route to get to and from Percy Street.”

Where does this lead the above pedestrianisation ? In shreds I believe, Hanley is crying out for a large, open, traffic free, safe environment to hold regular events and entertainment.

I see we have two options

1 find a new site for the Public Realm, maybe incorporate it into the Senter of City Sentral.

2 relocate the affect business’s into City Sentral

I’ve sent the below email to Cllr Adrian Knapper and Cllr Ruth Rosenau for their views on now allowing vehicles to the planned Pedestrianised areas of Hanley to allow vehicles access 

Please reply in your capacity as Cabinet Member for Planning and Transportations. I want to hear Labour policy view, not officers views thank you

 What measures are to be put in place to prevent negative impact on the proposed public realm improvements in Albion Square and Parliament Square, from the proposed relaxation of access to Percy Street and Tontine Street?

 While it would be nice to think residents and shoppers would respect the public realm, having access from Tontine Street down Albion Street would appear to offer a through route, which may be abused during construction of City Sentral when delays will no doubt exist on the ring road.

 Is it not possible to offer relocation grants to business affected so that the Vision of a completely traffic free Public Realm can be kept to, thus encouraging more visitors to the Centre.

 If a further rethink is required can the use of Pall Mall by buses again be looked at instead of North Stafford Street, we only have one chance to redesign Hanley, lets make it the best possible and not just a design that fits around problems.

 Ian Norris

I have also contacted the Council Officers, will publish both replies if I get them

From Cllr Knapper Ian

The City Council has been out and consulted on this issue, the report that is coming to cabinet takes the concerns of residents and business people into account.

Officers have been given a political steer in writing the report.

I passed your concerns onto officers in order that the issues you have raised at a late stage can be added within the process and a detailed response given to you on technical issues.

Councillor Adrian Knapper A.Inst.L.EX


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