Bethesda street is a danger zone

Stoke on Trent City Council Introduced acces restrictions in Jabuary/February 2012on Bethesda Street (from John Street to Albion Street)No motor vehicles except for:

– Permit holders at any time

– Buses and hackney carriages at any time

– Access to off-street premises at any time

Reason : To allow bus stops to be located outside the Potteries Museum and to allow the road to operate as one of the main bus routes from the new bus station

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Truth behind the Headlines

Stoke on Trent Council have recently received a lot of criticism over the belief that highly paid officers and Councillors were being given ipads as perks rather then any real need.

Could the situation have been handled any? was it sensational reporting from the local media or poor communication from Councillors and officers?

The local paper reported

“Stoke-on-Trent City Council, which is cutting £24 million this year, has spent more than £29,000 on 110 iPads.

The council has so far failed to issue them to any of its staff or councillors but said it is planning to allocate some of them to schools and children’s centres to aid learning.” 

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Changes to Disabled Parking in Hanley

Changes to the road system in Hanley to allow Buses easier access to the new Bus Station measn the relocation of Disabled Parking bays and the introduction of loading/unloading restrictions to prevent Blue Badges holders using double yellow lines for parking. Steven Mallam took a trip around Hanley to find ALL disabled parking bays in full use (except for John Street car park all EMPTY), this is backed up by the Councils recent survey.

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City council appoints top class Assistant Chief Executive

After a two day assessment centre Stoke-on-Trent City Council is pleased to announce the successful appointment of Charlie Stewart to the post of Assistant Chief Executive.

Charlie Stewart is currently the Strategic Director of Resources at Brighton & Hove City Council where he is a member of the Strategic Leadership Board directing all support services (Policy, Partnerships, Performance, ICT, HR and OD, Communications, Property, Legal and Democratic Services, Emergency Management) and City Services (Revenues and Benefits, Register Office and Bereavement Service. He is also responsible for partnership development and championing shared services across Brighton & Hove City.

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Cabinet Members Gagged?

On Tuesday 8th May The Sentinel published a story on how much local councils have recently spent on iPads, it claimed that Stoke-on-Trent Council had spent £29,000 on 110 iPads, but had yet to distribute any. Cllr Hamer said that some would go to children’s centres and schools, to increase parental involvement with child learning at an early age.

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