Changes to Disabled Parking in Hanley

Changes to the road system in Hanley to allow Buses easier access to the new Bus Station measn the relocation of Disabled Parking bays and the introduction of loading/unloading restrictions to prevent Blue Badges holders using double yellow lines for parking. Steven Mallam took a trip around Hanley to find ALL disabled parking bays in full use (except for John Street car park all EMPTY), this is backed up by the Councils recent survey.

A survey of the use of on-street parking in the City Centre by blue badge holders in March 2012 showed that the maximum number of cars parked and showing a blue badge was 169 in the hour between 12 noon and 1pm. 64 of the cars were parked in disabled bays (94% of spaces were occupied), 79 in pay and display bays (41% of spaces were occupied by blue badge holders) and there were 26 parked on double yellow lines where there were no loading restrictions (mainly in Cheapside, Albion Street and Foundry Street). 3.53

It is clear from the survey that the existing number of designated disabled bays in the City Centre is significantly less than the current demand, although there are enough spaces altogether due to the use of pay and display bays and yellow line parking. The survey did not cover off-street car parks as these will not be changed by the bus rerouting and public realm improvements.

Disabled Bays to be Lost

lost to public realm

lost to public realm

lost to public realm

lost to public realm

being lost due to City Sentral

The Cabinet agreed that the reopening of Tontine Street and Percy Street to blue badge holders cannot be recommended. as regular flow of cars looking for disabled parking into those roads would compromise the design objectives for the public realm.

They then agreed that customers of Webberleys, Vera’s Dry Cleaners, Formal Affair, Wrench Fine Jewellery, The Sandwich Shop, The Hallmark Card Shop, Specsavers should still be allowed access to the public realm for loading and unloading. Also wedding vehicles on route to the Town Hall can now do so down Percy Street and up Stafford Street, so much for protecting the public realm.

Disabled Bays to be Kept



Some alteration until City Sentral is built

New Disabled Bays

new disabled bays planned

One Disabled bay with 30 minute limit

The Cabinet did agree that the removal of the disabled parking bays on the east side of Stafford Street means that access to the NHS Walk-In Centre for disabled drivers may be more difficult, so are providing a disabled parking bay but limiting the waiting time in the disabled bay to 30 minutes to prevent it being used for all day parking. Have cabinet members every attended a walk in centre? in my experiences a visit takes a lot longer the 30 minutes on a good day.

The City Council are currently doing a review off all parking across the City, let them know your views. or comment below and I’ll email all comments off to Council, also the Traffic Regulation Orders for the above changes will soon be published publicly for comments, keep anmd eye on the Councils Web site and the Sentinels Public Notice section


Taken  on a busy sunny Friday in Hanley no disabled drivers visiting Hanley are using the pay and display disabled parking bays..

Do our Councillors need to reconsider where they placed disabled parking provision in Hanley?

Update reply from Council Officer

no reply yet from Cllr Terry Crowe

Dear Mr Malam

Thank you for your continued interest in the changes in the city centre required to improve the public realm and to provide for bus services to the new bus station. I note your continued concern about traffic in Bethesda Street. We consulted the police before introducing the changes and will continue to work with them to improve the situation.

On the issue of disabled parking in the city centre, there will be more on-street disabled bays when the works we are planning are complete (when the new bus station opens) than there are now. The bays in Tontine Street, Percy Street and Parliament Row will be replaced with new bays in Old Hall Street and Charles Street when buses move to the new bus station. In fact there will be a total of 17 extra disabled parking bays on the streets of the city centre when the works are complete compared with the situation before the changes started in 2011.

I trust you my reply gives you the information you were seeking.



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