Truth behind the Headlines

Stoke on Trent Council have recently received a lot of criticism over the belief that highly paid officers and Councillors were being given ipads as perks rather then any real need.

Could the situation have been handled any? was it sensational reporting from the local media or poor communication from Councillors and officers?

The local paper reported

“Stoke-on-Trent City Council, which is cutting £24 million this year, has spent more than £29,000 on 110 iPads.

The council has so far failed to issue them to any of its staff or councillors but said it is planning to allocate some of them to schools and children’s centres to aid learning.” 

This on face value appears pretty damn 110 iPads sitting around with apparnt no use, but that some may go to children’s centres, but according to a reply to a Freedom of Information the iPads were only delivered 30th March, and during April had the Councils secure email client software installed on them.

So rather then failing to be issued they being made secure.

The Council now has 110 secure iPads waiting to find a use, with some going to schools and children’s centres, but again no. Virtually all of the iPads, 103 out of 110 are going to schools and children’s centres. Why didn’t the Council press office release that information, Why didnt Cllr Hamer appear to know when speaking to the press and when replying to emails?

There appears a lack of communcation within the council, that has turned a good story bad.

Schools and children’s centres get 103 new iPads

Now whether the iPads actually make it to the frontline of the education system is another story, I’m sure users of the services will soon be reporting back.


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