Alternatives to enable Central Business District to begin

Can I make a suggestion to our Councillors

Less then 50% of the 2000 proposed office workers are coming from the Civic Centre, why not just build one new office in Hanley?

One new Office will still show serious commitment to the Central Business District to attract other businesses, allow money to be raised from the sale of the 40 other Council properties across the City and save money on that backlog of maintenance.

The Spode site can still be marketed with the option to purchase the Civic Centre if they so desire. If the Civic Centre is purchased along with Spode then the Council can then move employees to a 2nd Office in CBD if space still remains.

Or maybe you have your own alternatives?

Ian Norris

Cllr Rosenau replied on behalf of the Labour Group

Debra Mr Norris,

In response to your email sent to the Labour Group on 2/6/2012, I would like to respond as follows:

1. The purpose of taking 2 buildings within the Central Business District is to ensure efficiency and effectiveness within the City Council and help to kick start private sector confidence. The proposals will reduce our running costs considerably in terms of energy efficiencies by operating from fewer buildings and moving into a more energy efficient building. Furthermore, the housing of staff from different disciplines under one roof will lead to a more robust way of integrated working, which will ultimately improve the customer experience and the City Councils effectiveness.

2. We have not stated that we will close 40 buildings in relation to the CBD, but currently the City Council uses circa 40 buildings. Post CBD we will continue to utilise some, but not all of these properties.

Regards Councillor Rosenau


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