Emails to John van de Laarschot from Vanguard

Some emails to John van de Laarschot gained from a FOI from Trevor Jones they have been redacted because the Monitoring Officer believes that the release of this information will prejudice the exchange of free and frank views and advice, I’ve provided extracts as some may get a neck ache trying to read the PDFs the council provided as ever please feel free to comment  below.

From: Toby Rubbra <toby.n.rbbra@vanguardconsu|> Sent: 04 August 2011 07:34 To: John van de Laarschot Subject Update Importance:

Hi John

We don’t seem to been able to connect by phone! I’m off on hols for August as of the end of the weeklback on duty after the bank holiday} It would be good to have a catch up if possible over the next few days. Here are some things that have collected on my radar that would be much better served over a chat rather than emaii but here goes:

i’m sensing a “closing off” of Vanguard support. Dawn has dropped off my map’as well now. Apart from some  ████████████████████████ ███████████ I have had no calls from anybody for over 6 weeks. l was assuming we would have some sort of understanding in place by now? I have been with-holding billing on this basis for June and July (now a total of £500 expenses – occasional visits by me and days for Patrick). It would be very helpful to have a steer from you on how you see things panning out? I’ve taken on other clients down south in the void.

We also need lots more clarity over the “Vanguard Academy” and the role of ████████████████████████████████



Staffs Police are talking to us and very keen to do some work joined up with you but their feedback was “you are doing it yourself and don‘t need us (Vanguard)”

I met with ████ last week. They asked me! As they were holding a workshop to discuss the way forward with ███ Christine and Hugh were there (and looking surprised I was there 🙂 but no Tony. Again they are very keen to do something – I’ve had further calls from them since wanting to talk more. ████████████

I’ve picked up ‘you are not happy about John Little withdrawing. This is not the case ████████████  and we needed cover for the planned intervention (that now looks like it is being pulled).  The thinking was to try and change “tack” with a ███████████████ ███

I’m thinking about your “lot” a lot of the time! For me, as it must be for you, the lack of progress since the initial interventions last year has been extremely frustrating. If there is anything I can do to help you, please do call. I think some clear thinking time’s in order and very much hope you too have some time to relax over the summer.

Very best wishes

Toby Rubbra Vanguard Consulting Ltd

From: Toby Rubbra <> Sent: 15 March 2011 21:30

To: John van de Laarschot

Subject: Vanguard commercials


We have only briefly talked about the money and contract issues. Paul is very concerned that people may start digging

about. We probably need a plan?



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