FOI. Not in my name

Has Freedom of Information Department at Stoke on Trent City Council become the General Enquire Office? All questions to either Councillors or Officers appears now be passed onto the Freedom of Information team for an answer.

Is this John van de Laarschot. and Cllr Pervez latest attempt at control? Do they want all information out of the Civic Centre to now go via the Press Office or FOI Department?

Whatever the reason the disturbing part is that the FOI requests are being submitted in the name of the residents without out their consent or even being informed

Now if a Councillor or Officer is asked a question and they do not have the information required and feel they need to submit a  FOI request to gain that information then they should either submit a request in THEIR name not the resident, or simply reply that they are unable to answer the question and direct residents to the  Freedom of Information Act

What caused yet another rant from me? I read a report “Asset Management Update & Interim Performance Report” written by Simon Wootten in March 2007, which listed the  backlog maintenance for Council buildings in 2007 as £3,950,325 with Cost for the Civic Centre just £12,600 and the highest £1,864,500 for the Museum. So sent the below email to Simon Wootten as he was the contact officer.

Is Corporate Asset Management site on the intranet available for public access via Libraries or in the Civic Centre?

Has the “Strategic Asset Review” yet been published? if so can you please supply a link or electronic copy?

As the latest Asset Management report I can find is from 2007 which lists asset values as well as backlog maintenance costs, maybe a later update has been produced.

Any information you can provide will be most welcome.

Thank you

Why did this question need to be even submitted as FOI request,
first question could be answered yes or no asked as find it annoying when reports refer to intranet links rather then internet.
second question asset management is part of corporate plan and hence publication scheme and as per ICO guidance

If the information is included in the publication scheme, you should give this out automatically, or provide a link to where the information can be accessed

third question would hope the author of report would know if its the most upto date report who will FOI team ask?

So to wind up should cllrs and officers submitt FOI requests in residents names? have you experienced similar?


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