Invitation to Cllr Pervez to correct misinfromation

Cllr Pervez “There has been misinformation in our communities about the Civic Centre move. We will review our communication strategy.”

Isn’t now the perfect opportunity to correct the misinformation and provide all the FACTS relating to the borrowing, move, asset sales etc

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Can Culture be bought (with a quarter) or does it come from the underground?

Over the last year or so graffiti owls have been popping up around Stoke on Trent , I love to spot each new creation admiring both the design, and to ponder on the artists motivate to share his work and bring pleasure to many (not all I know) with no formal recognition. A quiet pleasure with giver and receiver unknown to each, like a silent nod or good morning as you pass a stranger in the street. Continue reading

When does Assets Review begin?

On 5th  the City Councill agreed to borrow upto £59million to build a new Civic Centre in Hanley to house 2000 staff. With 900 Staff moving from Stoke and the remaining 1100 from elsewhere, to enable these moves Cabinet Members were to agree to the below report

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BCSC Conference and Exhibition

The BCSC Conference & Exhibition is the largest gathering of retail property professionals in the UK, attracting over 3,000 attendees including owners, developers, investors, retailers and shopping centres. Takes place 10-12 September, but neither Realis,Stoke on Trent City Council, City Sentral, or Make it Stoke are exhibitors yet.
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Red Carpet.. only if the shoe fits

Following the negative comments from the Assistant Director of City Regeneration to City Renewal Overview and Scrutiny Committee 28th June that “the Potteries Shopping Centre did not own the land and therefore the application may not come to fruition.”.

This is hardly the Red Carpet treatment we are lead to believe the City Council is offering to ALL business’s, wishing to invest in our City. Thanfully Capital Shopping Centres still wish to invest and are well on there way to making a public annoucement, according to a reply I receieved. Continue reading

Accessing Traffic Regulation Orders

Stoke on Trent City Council are attempting to improve residents involvement in decisions on Traffic Regulation Orders. Such Orders can only be introduced following a legal process, which involves the advertisement of any proposals for the public to view, object or to make comment on.

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Genr8 preferred anchor Tenants

When Genr8 fail to secure funding/occupiers they seem to have a fondness for Council offices and Libraries as their preferred anchor tenants

Clone 1

The building which is being constructed by Sir Robert McAlpine Limited, will be completed in 2012. It will bring together around 2,000 council staff from more than 30 buildings, saving over £28m in ongoing maintenance costs. Continue reading

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FOI Asset Review

The Freedom of Information Department have now replied to my request for a copy of the Strategic Asset Review to say  “the information is not available”

The council now reviews its assets for specific purposes such as the Central Business District proposals and as such a “Strategic Asset Review” is no longer available.

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