Genr8 preferred anchor Tenants

When Genr8 fail to secure funding/occupiers they seem to have a fondness for Council offices and Libraries as their preferred anchor tenants

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The building which is being constructed by Sir Robert McAlpine Limited, will be completed in 2012. It will bring together around 2,000 council staff from more than 30 buildings, saving over £28m in ongoing maintenance costs.

We have ambitious plans for Rochdale Town Centre and the new building is central to this. In order to begin regenerating Rochdale we need to move the council offices and other buildings on Smith Street.

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THE Civic Centre and King’s Hall in Stoke are set to be sold off as 2,000 council staff are moved into a £40 million office complex in Hanley.

Stoke-on-Trent City Council has unveiled plans to off-load its Stoke headquarters, neighbouring Swann House and up to 40 other buildings across the city.

The council said the CBD, which is considered crucial to major city centre regeneration schemes like the £350 million City Sentral shopping centre, can only attract businesses if the authority takes the plunge by kick-starting its occupation.


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One response to “Genr8 preferred anchor Tenants

  1. Lizziebeepots

    And in meantime what happens to Stoke and the small businesses that are dependent on the Civic Centre and Kings Hall staff for their daily trade? This short sighted decision has just confirmed the death of a once proud city centre.

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