Invitation to Cllr Pervez to correct misinfromation

Cllr Pervez “There has been misinformation in our communities about the Civic Centre move. We will review our communication strategy.”

Isn’t now the perfect opportunity to correct the misinformation and provide all the FACTS relating to the borrowing, move, asset sales etc

you have a twitter account @pervezstoke which you could use to inform you 354 followers

you could add a comment on the news item on The Sentinel website

I have sent you and email and tweet asking for all the facts to correct the misinformation which can then be republished across the internet

email: I would like to invite you to provide ALL the facts on the New Civic Centre, to allow you to correct any misinformation you may have been circulated.I hope you can provide a response ASAP to put an any to the rumours circulating

Your cabinet agreed to this mass relocation of staff 900 from stoke and 1100 from acoss the city on 31st May, yet in two months you have failed to offer any detail on how to achieve this or any proof that it is achievable.
You have delayed responding by defferring answers to your FOI department, who have said “there is NO information” this leaves us to the only conclusion that the decision to Borrow £59million and sell off further council assets was not based on facts or research but on a whim to keep your partnership with Genr8 ontrack.

I await a response from Cllr Pervez




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