Asset Sale Policy – Scrutiny Review needed

The slow progress on the £14million expansion and regeneration of the Potteries Shopping Centre, has recently been revealed as being due to the Council decision not to sell land needed to enable works to commence.

What is the councils policy on deciding who to sell land to, and who to issue Compulsory Purchase Orders for?

The Council is currently running an asset review for disposal of Land and Property, was the land required by Potteries Shopping Centre included in the review?

What are the thoughts of the City Renewal Overview and Scrutiny Committee, views on how the City Council currently dispose of land and Property?

The Councils “Mandate for Change” says “We will do all that we can to enable your business to grow. We can then let the private sector get on with creating the jobs and wealth that will make Stoke-on-Trent thrive.”. Is this happening if some Business are being hindered?

Does the process need reviewing to enable a fair playing field for all business’s


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