Administrative Buildings around Stoke

Having a play mapping council assets using the Property Asset Register to see how close and how the council effects us all

and produced a large map of all (except garages never knew so many council garages in stoke)

Then narrowed it down to just Administrative buildings to compare with the list already released of assets being considered for closure, to try and fill in Gaps

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Did Council Plan Civic Centre move in 2009?

Does Stoke on Trent City Council have a legal obligation  to protect Realis Estates from legal competition within Hanley, hence the refusal to sell land to Capital Shopping Centres?

The answer was NO, so the Council could with no possible legal challenge from Realis, help Capital Shopping Centres expand The Potteries Shopping Centre.


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Planning Strategy New Civic Centre

The unveiling of the slightly controversial new Civic Centre at a recent consultation, brought wide spread condemnation and many letters have since been written to the local paper and comments made online, but what can we really do? Continue reading

Make Your PCC Vote Count

An excellent comment from The Sentinel I felt had to share

For all the people out there, 3,100 and more that are unhappy at the way your council is not listening to the people of this city, and their opinions are being just brushed aside, your first form of protest to this Labour run council should be to use this coming Election for Police Commissioner,where all this centres will be used they want to offload, make an effort to vote, and vote against the Labour backed candidate, Mrs Joy Garner, who voted against the motion,in other words she is not interested in what you have to say. Then yet she is asking you for your vote. Send out the message that the people of this city have had enough of not being listened to, and vote against Mrs Garner, what she and this Labour run council stand for. IF YOU DON’T CHANGE. WE WILL CHANGE YOU. Make the effort, your vote will COUNT

Open letter to Council Leader from Cllr Breeze


Dear Mr van de Laarschot and Councillor Pervez,

I am writing to express mine and others very deep concern at the attitude of the council in refusing to release the council-owned land in Brewery Street and Bryan Street, Hanley, to Capital Shopping Centres and thereby effectively blocking the full expansion to the Potteries Shopping Centre. This seems to most people mean and petty and contradictory to everything that the council is espousing verbally and in its literature and appears completely counter to the so-called ‘Mandate for Change’.

Yesterday, along with my friend and fellow councillor Dave Conway, Leader of the City Independent Group, we met at the Potteries Shopping Centre with Mike Butterworth, Chief Operating Officer Capital Shopping Centres (which own the Potteries Shopping Centre along with many others in the UK), Martin Breeden, Director of Asset Management Capital Shopping Centres, and Paul Francis, General Manager Potteries Shopping Centre to discuss the various aspects of this decision, especially in light of the report contained in the document “Business Briefing: Stoke-on-Trent City Centre Updated Retail Capacity Analysis 2012”, commissioned by Capital Shopping Centres and produced by Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners, Planning Design Economics, and Lunson Mitchenall on behalf of Capital Shopping Centres.

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