Did Council Plan Civic Centre move in 2009?

Does Stoke on Trent City Council have a legal obligation  to protect Realis Estates from legal competition within Hanley, hence the refusal to sell land to Capital Shopping Centres?

The answer was NO, so the Council could with no possible legal challenge from Realis, help Capital Shopping Centres expand The Potteries Shopping Centre.


Due administrative error the FOI department sent the wrong response,

We have looked again at our response and unfortunately you have been provided with the incorrect response to this request. This is the result of an administrative error, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please discard the previous response dated 16/11/12.

So please IGNORE the below conclusion it was based on incorrect information

What is of more interest is the refusal part of the Freedom of Information reply for the release the Development Agreement between Stoke on Trent City Council and Realis Estates signed December 2009

“Information relating to the individual build costs for the proposed offices of the Central Business District are also withheld for the same reasons.”

“Some of the information relates to the potential rental figures and or freehold purchase costs that the council may be charged.”

“Some of the information relates to the names of council buildings where decisions have not been made as to what the council’s intentions are in relation to them.”

“Some of the information relates to the potential disposal costs of council buildings and therefore we would not release future building disposals as this may adversely affect properties which are currently marketed.”

At first I thought this was an error and they had sent wrong reply one based on the Central Business District. But I have asked and the confirmed “We can confirm that our response is to your request for information in regard to the development agreement between the City Council and Realis Estate Ltd.” The development agreement that was signed back in December 2009.

It appears the City Council were planning to sell Council Buildings and to move into Central Business District back in 2009. and it was not the sudden decision this year, as has been portrayed.


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