Letter of Objection Sent to Civic Centre Move

I’d like submit my objection to 54398/FUL and the relocation of the Civic Centre, I’d like to first quote from,

The Adopted Urban Core Strategy 2009 – Hierarchy of Centres
3.32 Stoke upon Trent Town Centre – plays a number of key roles – the city’s administrative centre, a university town, a nationally important destination for ceramics factory shopping; as well as providing local convenience shopping and the conurbation’s primary railway station
5.120 The prospects of Stoke-upon-Trent, the centre of civic administration, have been considerably enhanced following completion of the A500 trunk road scheme. Stoke-upon-Trent is a small town centre, principally serving local convenience shopping needs in a subordinate role to the larger neighbouring strategic centres. It has developed as a centre for administration over the last few years.
The Vision of Stoke-on-Trent Inner Urban Core Area Spatial Strategy

5.92 Will provide for increased vitality and vibrancy of Burslem and Stoke-upon-Trent Town Centres and improve accessibility and availability of modern local facilities.The towns of Burslem and Stoke-upon-Trent will re-establish their distinctive roles within the hierarchy of town centres. Stoke-upon-Trent Town Centre will retain its role as an administrative centre, a University town and a nationally important destination for ceramics factory shopping. Continue reading


Support new Premier Inn

Premier Inn have submitted a Planning Application for a new Hotel in Hanley, keen to support an 80-room hotel proposed for the City Sentral development. But will the Council again try to prevent this exciting new development like they tried to prevent the expansion of The Potteries Shopping Centre?

Please consider clicking this link to send a short Email to the Council planning department offering your support to the Premier Inn development

Opposition to the New Civic Centre

With the many petitions (799 as of 29th Dec) ongoing against the Councils £55million proposed move from Stoke Town, its surprising the council planning department is reporting no comments yet recieved For or Against. This is no doubt due to it being submitted over the Christmas period, so while your in the emailing mood please click and send your support

Public Consultation results on New Civic

On the 1st November Genr8 Developments held a public consultation event, the results have now been published as part of Genr8 Developments planning application. residents have until 10th January 2013 to submitt addition planning comments Continue reading

Realis legally protected from Competition?

On the 16th November I received a repsonse to a Freedom of Information request on the Developement Agreement between the City Centre and Realis


Part 2 of the request was: Did it also protect Realis from legal competition within the City?

Reply: No the agreement does not restrict competition within the city. Continue reading

Maintenance budget of Public Buildings

Maintenance budget of Public Buildings for 2012-13 by building

Location Work Stream Total
Carmountside Crematorium External works £17,700
Chatterley Whitfield Roofing £48,300
Civic Centre Mechanical & electrical £23,600
Dimensions Mechanical & electrical £283,800
Disabled discrimination fund, various locations DDA £44,000
Dyke St, Mental Health Centre Refurbishment £100,400
Fenton Manor pool Mechanical & electrical £208,200
Fenton Park changing rooms Refurbishment £20,500
Gladstone Pottery Restoration £59,100
Goodson Building Roofing £23,600
Hanley Market Internal Doors £41,000
Mechanical & electrical £98,600
Hanley Park pavilion Refurbishment £51,900
Hanley Town Hall Mechanical & electrical £47,200
Hill Street Demolition £61,500
Longton Library Mechanical & electrical £23,600
Longton Market Restoration £10,300
Maplehurst Industrial Estate Security £23,600
Newstead Day Services Refurbishment £138,600
Parkside Residential Demolition £132,700
Potteries Museum Mechanical & electrical £54,300
Shelton Day Centre Demolition £72,100
Shelton Enterprise Centre External works £42,500
Roofing £59,100
Shelton Pool Demolition £61,500
Stoke Town Hall External Windows £125,200
Refurbishment £133,500
Roofing £59,100
Tunstall Library Mechanical & electrical £11,800
Tunstall Bowls Pavilion Refurbishment £10,300
Tunstall shops Restoration £70,900
Various Locations Mechanical & electrical £94,500
Various sites Refurbishment £44,000
Grand Total £2,297,000

Continue reading

Stoke Asset Reports released

King Sturge was appointed by Stoke on Trent City Council to review the 40 administrative buildings in Council occupation

a qucik summary of the reports finding was

Prefferred Option 3a – Consolidate into city centre CBD project, core operational property plus such administrative buildings as required to include the Civic Centre

This option scores well across all categories, showing that it fits in well with the Council’s objectives. By taking a pre-let of the CBD scheme, the Council use its occupation to enable new development in the central business district that otherwise would not be viable. This in turn should see spin-off benefits to wider regeneration in the locality. By disposing of older stock and taking occupation of new BREEAM Excellent office space, the Council will improve the overall sustainability of its occupational estate. Retaining the Civic Centre maintains a presence in Stoke and is considered to be more appropriate politically

Current Proposal Option 4 – Consolidate into the CBD project

This option scores well in terms of achieving the Council’s strategic and economy and efficiency objectives, in particular for promoting city centre development, improving the sustainability of the Council’s operation and the economic position of the Council’s operation. However, the option scores poorly in terms of deliverability since it is considered to be too significant an operational change, and the single location is considered to provide a business continuity risk to the Council. Disposal of the current civic centre would also be problematic. Continue reading