Realis legally protected from Competition?

On the 16th November I received a repsonse to a Freedom of Information request on the Developement Agreement between the City Centre and Realis

Part 2 of the request was: Did it also protect Realis from legal competition within the City?

Reply: No the agreement does not restrict competition within the city.

But then In a letter to unaffiliated Hanley councillor Paul Breeze and
published by The Sentinel on 24th November,…

Mr van de Laarschot said: “The city council cannot sell the land to CSC as this would in all probability be deemed as a breach of condition of the agreement.”

Who is telling the Truth?

A simple matter of crossed wires perhaps, so I wrote to the Chief Exec Mr van de Laarschot Office, for clarification. I received a reply today, that they are unable to confirm the statement as correct, and have instead forwarded the request to FOI department.

It would appear Mr van de Laarschot has been briefing councillors, and more importantly refusing to do Business with Capital Shopping Centres based on a statement he is unable to confirm as being true and correct.

The FOI department have until 24th January to investigate which statement is correct, update to follow



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