Public Consultation results on New Civic

On the 1st November Genr8 Developments held a public consultation event, the results have now been published as part of Genr8 Developments planning application. residents have until 10th January 2013 to submitt addition planning comments

Q1. Please tell use what you think of the scale and design of the first office building proposed as part of the overall Stoke Central Business District?

Positive (17) Negative (24)

• Scale of building in keeping with urban setting (2) • Bright modern unit (6) • Environmental friendly aspects (3) • Generally supportive of overall design (4) • Excellent Iconic Building (2)

• External appearance ‘gaudy’ and extravagant, an eyesore (8) • Glass façade impractical and costly to maintain (3) • Concerns over heavy influence of Clarence Cliff, ignores other prominent potters/artists (2) • Concerns over the longevity of the buildings design (9) • Concerns over the heavy influence of Clarence Cliff creating a dated design (1) • A shame historic buildings cannot be incorporated into design (1)

Q2. What are your views of the public realm proposals?

Positive (2) Negative (5)

• Excellent place making (1) • Supportive of proposals, and inclusion of appropriate public transport provision (1) • Concerns regarding evening uses (2) • Public realm is generic, does not relate to character of Stoke (3)

Q3. Additional comments or suggestions you may have about the plans

Positive (7) Negative (39)

• Project will play a major role in regenerating the potteries and creating ‘one city’ (3) • Stoke CBD (Building B & Public Realm) Project will encourage further inward investment (4)

• Concerns over councils return to Hanley after a recent move to Stoke (4) • Concerns over councils large monetary investment in the scheme given the need for investment, i.e. open space elsewhere in the borough (13) • Existing council premises are fit for purpose (4) • Concerns over lead in time and location of consultation (2) • Highways: Cross roads on Broad St/Potteries way will become a bottleneck/ increased traffic generation (3) • Concerns over deliverability given commercial interest (3) • Concerns over level of car parking provision (8)• Concerns proposals will have a negative impact on Stoke (2)

Spread of Comments

Spread of Comments

Overall the split of Comments was 28% Positive and 72% Negative

If you wish to submit a comment to the planning department, contact them quoting Planning Application number 54398

e-mail –

write Development Management, Civic Centre, Glebe Street, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 1RN


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