Realis Estates in fear of Tunstall

Realis Estates fear the approval of Morrisons in Tunstall could poach some of the aspirational stores they have lined up for City Sentral, in a objection to the planning department they say.

The impact assessment submitted by Norcros Estates concludes that that there wouid be no impact on City Sentral given that it comprises a foodstore and that the ‘non-food retail units are not anticipated to be attractive to the same market’. However, we dispute this assertion. Ail of the floorspace proposed could be accommodated at City Sentral, and in the absence of any means to restrict the type of goods sold there is absolutely no way of ensuring that the retailers targeted by the applicant would not replicate those that could occupy space in City Sentral.

Morrisons argue that its offering would not be suitable for City Sentral due to the presence of a number of nearby foodstores and the plans for a Department store, but again Realis say.

We dispute this statement. The East & West Precincts have permission for up to 60,000 sq/m of retail floorspace and whilst it is intended to attract a department store and high end retailers, there is no reason as to why a foodstore and/or four comparison retail units could be accommodated and form an element of the scheme.

Realis have already tried to prevent the expansion of the Potteries Shopping Centre and now they are targeting Tunstall, please don’t let them continue to try and dominate the regeneration of our City please email your support for Morrisons to Ref 54248/FUL


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