Work in Albion Square to begin Late Spring – UPDATE

Phase 2 of the City Centre Public Realm scheme aims to connect the gateway plaza of the Bus Station to areas of the City Centre to the north and create a major new public space at Albion Square which can accommodate City Centre events and attractions.

A section of Phase 2 along Stafford Street was included as an addendum to the Phase 1 contract to meet timescale requirements for
revised bus routes and avoid abortive spend associated with the delivery of  temporary works.

But the works to complete Phase 2 works on Albion Square and down Albion Street around the Town Hall will now not begin until late spring, after the Bus Station is due to open.

What does this mean will the opening of Bus Station be delayed or will Buses be re-routed around Albion Square?

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Recall of Elected Representatives

A bill is currently going through Parliament to Permit voters to recall their elected representatives in specified circumstances; and for connected purposes.

 If one per cent of registered voters in the constituency of an elected representative sign a notice-of-intent-to-recall petition stating that they have 

lost confidence in their elected representative for whatever reason then a recall petition must be made available under section 3

Stoke Council reduces the buildings to be sold from 30 to 8

Is this now the complete list of Public Assets to be disposed of?

What happened to disposing of 30 old and inefficient buildings?

Where are the Capital Receipts now to come from? King Sturge estimated around £6m capital receipts from all 30 assets.

Where are the efficiency measure to come from if your still left with an ageing estate of 30 buildings scattered around the City?

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Hanley Public Realm

Some Photos of the New Public Realm in Hanley, doesn’t seem to link up to and complete Albion Square at this stage despite the length of time it appears far from complete, or is this it until City Sentral is finished?

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New Retail Study

The City Council propose to produce an updated retail and leisure study for Stoke-on-Trent. The current North Staffordshire Retail and Leisure Study was produced in 2005 and is in need of refreshing to underpin the preparation of site allocation development plan documents (DPD). This will ensure that the City Council has up to date retail evidence when considering plan preparation, determining planning applications and for the underpinning of any future use of compulsory purchase powers.

But in the Councils Tender Document for consultants to produce they retail study, they have already declared there Key Retail Aim

“The first of those DPDs the Core Spatial Strategy was adopted in October 2009, The Core Spatial Strategy is based on a target regeneration for Stoke-on-Trent. The City Centre/Hanley is the priority for investment and regeneration, retail development in the form of City Sentral is key to this.”

This independent retail and leisure study will then be used as evidence for compulsory purchase orders for City Sentral.

How can this retail and leisure study remain unbiased, when in the Tender Document the Council has laid out its key aim for retail within the City.