Genr8 Consultation

At the Consultation were Cllr Meredith and Cllr Platt along with 3 gentlemen representing Genr8, I asked how long meadow and trees were likely to be there – 6mth to 2 yrs, and that trees were to be planted in Pots so they can be moved around the site. I then asked about parking and was told there was already plenty of parking over the road on Hinde Street, when I showed that they planned to build on there, he then said there was plenty of on street parking on Warner Street & also they had consider or were considering Potteries way for on street parking.

SAM_6317 SAM_6315 SAM_6314 SAM_6313 SAM_6312 SAM_6310 SAM_6309 SAM_6308 SAM_6307 SAM_6306 SAM_6305 SAM_6304 SAM_6303 SAM_6301

Warner Street site proposed for on Street Parking


If anyone want to send in comments you can print this questionaire and post it in, or email views to


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