What has John van de Laarschot done?

What has John van de Laarschot done to deserve pocketing a £5,400 increase in his basic salary

The chief executive has to undertake a performance appraisal with the leader of the council and the human resources committee to assess his performance and set targets for the forthcoming 12 months before he can receive an increment.

I asked the Council :

What were the Key points of his performance review?

What targets were set that he had to meet?

The Reply

We have now considered your request for information and although we do hold the information that you have asked for, unfortunately it is exempt under section 40 of the Act and will not be released.

Section 40(2) of the Act allows us to withhold information if it relates to someone other than the data subject and where disclosing the information would contravene the principles of the Data protection Act 1998.

A performance review is an assessment of an officer’s personal ability to perform a particular task or sets of tasks. This is regardless of the position or seniority of the officer. The information you are requesting is personal data. Due to this, the information you have requested is exempt under the above Section.


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