Are Efficiency measures and Capital Receipts the real reason?

The Council have now revealed that only the below buildings are up for closure and Sale?

Civic Centre/Stoke Town Hall/Kingsway Car Park/Spode
Gordon House
Swann House
Swift House & Warehouse
City Centre Library
Hanley Town Hall
Longton Area Social Services Office (due to poor quality of building)
Meir Local Centre
The Mount

The Council have claimed that building a New Civic Centre “they will have the opportunity to rationalise its current assets and operate from fewer buildings, this in turn will lead to efficiency savings. The bringing together of officers from different disciplines will allow more integrated ways of working 

Where are you efficiency measures of bring all back office admin teams together? they would already appear to be together in Stoke upon Trent.

Where is the Backlog Maintenance savings? yes they will save £1.3million but the remaining assets have a backlog of £4.4million? and of course the extra £5million a year interest payments

Are these building going to generate the £55million capital needed for the New Civic Centre?

Why are you really selling the Civic Centre and Moving to Hanley?

Was it at the request of Genr8?

Only this week Genr8 had to pull out of buying Granada Studio due to Financial difficulties, is this why the Council is selling the Civic Centre?

Assets to be retained across the City

Abbey Hulton Local
Bentilee District Centre
Blurton Local Centre
Bucknall Social Services Office
Goodson Buildings Mental Health Resource Centre
Fenton Local Centre
Fenton Manor Pool/Sports Centre
Hanley Park
Longton Library
Longton Local Centre
Norton Local Centre
Potteries Museum And Art Gallery
Stoke Local Service Centre
Stoke Recreation Centre
Tunstall Town Hall
Tunstall Local Centre
Units 7/8 Riverside Office Village
Weston Coyney Resource Centre

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