No Third Party Interest in Central Business District

Just before Stoke on Trent City Council requested that I stopped asking questions about the Central Business District, (possible because they don’t have any answers) They informed me that  “The Council is not aware of a third party interest at this stage but based on earlier soft market testing by Genr8 any potential interest was conditional on the delivery of the initial phase to the City Council or equivalent.”

They are relying on a market test by Genr8. Genr8 who have failed to get any interest in their developments in either Stoke or Rochdale since 2009, and have requested both Councils to become their Anchor Tenants. Is Private investment in Rochdale also “conditional” on the City Council having a new office? Or are Genr8 fully away that the Public Work Loan Board don’t bother to ask for any form of a business plan from Councils?

Its not just residents of Stoke that the City Council are refusing to provide any sort of answers to, Cllr Andy Lilley told me he also faced similar challenges when Chair of Business Services Scrutiny Committee.

“I have to say that I am not in the least bit surprised over the response to the FOI request as it is clear to me, that when and where there me be serious questions raised regarding specific decisions, this administration will hide behind any barrier they can manufacture at any given moment!

The so called ‘Labour Group’ are nothing more than a collection of sanctimonious, self gratifying and private hand shaking bunch of morons who are collectively leading our city down the road to bankruptcy and economic oblivion.”

I have to wonder if any Councillors have even seen this Soft Marketing Report by Genr8, who only this week pulled out of a £23million deal for Granada Studios. You have to ask can they be trusted with our Cities Future, (well I cant ask apparently) but YOU can and your Councillors should be.


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