What Labour say when in opposition

Homes and Community Agency’s (HCA) offered Scarborough Borough Council £3m to form a joint venture and develop the Futurist and Town Hall sites in Scarborough.  The HCA’s investment would be used to purchase a new site out of Scarborough town centre to accommodate council offices, in exchange for an equity share in any future development on the existing Town Hall and Futurist sites. Continue reading


Car Parking Review

On the 15th of March 2013 Cllr Ruth Rosenau, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transportation signed the report to approve and fund the £345,000 Stratergy to turn the former bus station into a temporary car park Continue reading

Cllr Paul Breeze Open Letter to John van de Laarschot & Mr Pervez (cc councillors and others)

Dear John and Mr Pervez, (cc councillors and others)

Please see attached open letter from me addressed to you both and which I am circulating to others regarding recent information that has come to light which, contrary to what I and others had been led to believe previously, reveals unequivocally that there is no real or potential breach in the Development Agreement between the City Council and Realis Estates which would preclude selling and releasing land for sale to the Potteries Shopping Centre and therefore thwarting the full expansion to include the boulevard and additional proposals.

Extract from FOI email to a city resident (for details see attached letter):

” …Gerry Clarke, Principal Solicitor for Regeneration:
1. The development agreement does not prevent or restrict competition in the City;
2. There are no provisions in the development agreement that specifically prevent the City Council from selling any of its land (other than land within the City Sentral development site) to a competitor nor are there any provisions in the development agreement which specifically prevent the City Council from supporting the expansion of the retail offer within the City Centre.”

In light of this I am re-iterating my request that you re-visit your original decision and release the land for sale to IntuPotteries (formerly Capital Shopping Centres) and allow the full Potteries Shopping Centre development in what is an extremely important ‘gateway’ from the northern end of the city into the City Centre, which is currently dismal, neglected, dark and depressing. At no cost to us, (and in fact at significant financial benefit to us) the full Potteries Shopping Centre proposal would make this ‘gateway’ welcoming, attractive and send out all the right messages that the City of Stoke-on-Trent is well and truly ‘open for business’ and here is the proof. The Potteries Shopping Centre which was hailed as the flagship of the city, employs almost 3000, wants to employ more, creating even more jobs in the area, and attracting visitors from far and wide, and which has been loyal to this city throughout and is eager to build on that.

Many thanks. Please refer to attached letter.

Best Wishes,


Councillor Paul Breeze
Paul Breeze | Councillor Birches Head & Central Forest Park Ward – City of Stoke-on-Trent –