When does £345,000 Car Park not cost £345,000

When does £345,000 Car Park not cost £345,000, when it’s in Stoke on Trent of course.

In March 2013 Officers at Stoke on Trent agreed to a management scheme for the former Bus Station in Hanley.

The proposed Costs of Scheme

cost of temp car park

The Tempoary Car Park is being advertised by Cllr Ruth Rosenau, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transportation as revenue generating, but how long will it take to cover the initial costs?

In a FOI response from Councillor Officers they say the predicted income for the 170 space car park based on other City Centres car parks is £140,000 to £190,000.  so the scheme will pay for it self with one year.

The council are somehow estimating the cost of the temporary car park at £130,000 ( see chart above ) the cost of demolishing the Birch Street Car Park appear to be ignored


Predicted Capital Sales

A report to Cabinet members next week say they are confident that over the next 3 years they can raise just £1.9million in Capital Sales. With £1.2million scheduled for this year, although so far only £370,000 has been raised. But they are less certain over £9.2million worth of sale listing them as unsure. leaving a large gap in funding the £59m new civic.



Long Stop for City Sentral December 2015

email to all Stoke on Trent Councillors

On Radio Stoke last week, Councillor Pervez pledged action would be forthcoming if Realis where unable to table details of the existing scheme or a revised scaled down scheme by December. Cllr Pervez has been in close negotiations with Realis and it was claimed December was the longstop date as set down in the development agreement, so would enable the council to step away from partnership.