Long Stop for City Sentral December 2015

email to all Stoke on Trent Councillors

On Radio Stoke last week, Councillor Pervez pledged action would be forthcoming if Realis where unable to table details of the existing scheme or a revised scaled down scheme by December. Cllr Pervez has been in close negotiations with Realis and it was claimed December was the longstop date as set down in the development agreement, so would enable the council to step away from partnership.

Since then Duncan Mathieson has revealed the longstop to be December 2015, how closely has Cllr Pervez been working with Realis to be 2 years off on the longstop date, how closely have any councillors been involved.
How will you now get members of the public to be positive?
Will investors still come to CBD with no major retail?
Is a New Civic Centre and a Bus Station enough for investors to move to Hanley for?
Will Councillors now call for deferment of the New Civic until full details of the Future of City Sentral is disclosed to all Councillors, and an update is provide on the Stoke Masterplan
Ian Norris
Stoke on Trent

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