Big House Burslem

Why is Stoke on Trent refusing to provide owners  of the Big House, Burslem with any information regarding the insurance claim lodged by the Council back in March 2012?
Six requests for a copy of the health and safety report, a copy of the damp report and a copy of the structural engineer’s report relating to the damage caused by Stoke City Council have so far been made to the City Council, so far no information has been received from the Council.
For more information the the Big House there is a Facebook page  please visit, like and ask the Council supports the Big house
Today I received a copy of the Seventh request being made by the owner I’ll update this article if any information from the council is finally forth coming.

Newham Council HQ failure

With news that Newham Council are having difficulies sellings its 26 buildings it abandoned in a move to a new £111m Civic Centre, in London. Brings even more concerns to residents of Stoke on Trent.

In July 2012 Stoke City Council claimed that its ambitious asset rationalisation programme of up to 40 buildings would generate £25m in capital receipts to help pay for its new £59m Civic Centre. But In August 2013 a Financial update revised that figure of £25m down to just £1.9m with any certainty. To try and correct this shortfall Stoke Council are proposing to increase it’s asset rationalisation programmes to 60 buildings.

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This will leave residents of Stoke on Trent with not just the extra cost of borrowing £57m, but with all the ongoing revenue cost of mothballing up to 40-60 buildings as staff relocate to the new Civic Centre. It will also force residents to have to travel further to access local services. 

The original proposal lead to a March of 1000+ residents in February this year through the streets of the City.

Existing Civic Centre built 1994

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Genr8 and future Tenants of CBD Hanley

Who Knows?

Stoke on Trent City  Council?

Q :  Which companies have contracted or otherwise agreed to establish
offices in the Central Business District?

A :  The city council is not responsible for contracting directly with
companies who may be looking to establish premises as part of the Central Business District development as this is a private-sector led scheme. All direct negotiations with potential occupiers is being taken forward by Genr8 Developments

Seems to be a NO

Maybe Genr8

Q : Can you please advise how many companies have agreed to invest in offices at the Central Business District in Stoke, and how many are interest but have yet to sign any paper?

A : Further to your email dated 18th September regarding the Stoke CBD project, we are not in a position to answer your query at the present time.


Genr8 Developments

Next Day

Q : Can you advise if any Elected Members or Council officers of the City Council are in regular meetings with yourselves and and kept updated in confidence on the progress you are making in developing the Central Business District?

A : We are not in a position to answer this query at the present time.


Genr8 Developments

Council Lack Confidence in Sales

Stoke on Trent Council are confident in raising just £1.9million pounds towards the costs of their capital programme which includes a £59million new Civic Centre.


Councillor Terry Crowe Cabinet Member for Finance, Procurement and Commissioning and Councillor Mohammed Pervez Leader of the Council have both been asked for copy of the Asset Rationalisation Programme but both have declined to reply.


City Sentral Letting Agents




Looks like still looking for anchor tenants as still no units being advertised






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