Councillor Alan Dutton and Resources

Today Councillor Alan Dutton Cabinet Member for Transformation and Resources accused me of continually giving false information on Twitter

So I am writing a blog to disclose where I read the “False Information” in the hope that Councillor Alan Dutton can provide links to the correct information.

I would first like to direct Councillor Alan Dutton  to the District Auditors Letter where on  commenting on the Council decision to remain in Stoke and Build a second Civic Centre (page 12) “this decision and the identification of the further building and on-going running costs of the CBD scheme have increased the financial pressure on the Council” this is due to “an increase in the on-going revenue costs of operating its buildings (additional costs in 2015/16 are £7.9m falling to £2.8m by 2018/19 and to £2.2m by 2021/22)”

This is supported by the “CITY WIDE ADMINISTRATIVE PROPERTY RATIONALISATION” report which went to Cabinet on 24 October 2013 and to which Councillor Alan Dutton spoke and added his support,

2.22 The table below shows the additional on-going revenue costs in the early years of approximately £5m reducing to an on-going level of approximately £2.2m per annum over the medium term. If one-off costs are included, this increases the funding requirement in the earlier years, particularly in 2015/16 by circa £2.7m and in 2016/17 by £1.5m.

revenue table

The Districtor Auditor doesn’t blame elected members such as Councillor Alan Dutton for the increasing costs ( an extra £7.6million for Fit out and £4million for Furniture, already) but say that “We are also concerned that the full financial costs of the Central Business District were not identified earlier, and that members were not able to consider them as part of the overall proposal.” I myself would have thought it was indeed the job of elected members to discover the Full Cost of projects before embarking on  grand schemes, the district auditor simplys asks “review its procedures for this type of project to ensure that members are aware of the full costs before deciding to proceed with a scheme(s).”

I hope Councillor Dutton, replies soon to correct me and show that where the above additional £27million is to come from if not from more cuts to services.


Are Councillors aware of Asset sale/mothballing plans?

The Council has not yet entered into any agreements relating to the sale or disposal of any parts of the Stoke Town site as a result of the soft marketing exercise. The Council cannot say if anyone is interested in Genr8’s offer of offices in the proposed CBD

A key component of the asset rationalisation strategy is to meet the requirements of the developing localities delivery model. The overall aim is to create a stronger positive customer offer and experience but this has to be from fewer locations, Continue reading