Councillor Alan Dutton and Resources

Today Councillor Alan Dutton Cabinet Member for Transformation and Resources accused me of continually giving false information on Twitter

So I am writing a blog to disclose where I read the “False Information” in the hope that Councillor Alan Dutton can provide links to the correct information.

I would first like to direct Councillor Alan Dutton  to the District Auditors Letter where on  commenting on the Council decision to remain in Stoke and Build a second Civic Centre (page 12) “this decision and the identification of the further building and on-going running costs of the CBD scheme have increased the financial pressure on the Council” this is due to “an increase in the on-going revenue costs of operating its buildings (additional costs in 2015/16 are £7.9m falling to £2.8m by 2018/19 and to £2.2m by 2021/22)”

This is supported by the “CITY WIDE ADMINISTRATIVE PROPERTY RATIONALISATION” report which went to Cabinet on 24 October 2013 and to which Councillor Alan Dutton spoke and added his support,

2.22 The table below shows the additional on-going revenue costs in the early years of approximately £5m reducing to an on-going level of approximately £2.2m per annum over the medium term. If one-off costs are included, this increases the funding requirement in the earlier years, particularly in 2015/16 by circa £2.7m and in 2016/17 by £1.5m.

revenue table

The Districtor Auditor doesn’t blame elected members such as Councillor Alan Dutton for the increasing costs ( an extra £7.6million for Fit out and £4million for Furniture, already) but say that “We are also concerned that the full financial costs of the Central Business District were not identified earlier, and that members were not able to consider them as part of the overall proposal.” I myself would have thought it was indeed the job of elected members to discover the Full Cost of projects before embarking on  grand schemes, the district auditor simplys asks “review its procedures for this type of project to ensure that members are aware of the full costs before deciding to proceed with a scheme(s).”

I hope Councillor Dutton, replies soon to correct me and show that where the above additional £27million is to come from if not from more cuts to services.


2 responses to “Councillor Alan Dutton and Resources

  1. Alan Dutton

    Ian, you know as well as I do that we are cutting services because of the massive cuts being directed to the Council by Central Government, cuts are not happening to assist the CBD. The CBD is Capitol investment and comes from the Capitol investment fund or we borrow it, not yet at this stage we have borrowed a penny, as far as the running costs of the Two buildings in the City Centre and retaining the Civic as the community want us to do, it will still be considerably less than running the amount of buildings we currently operate from. The wrong information you continually try to mislead people with is you state we are borrowing money to build the CBD instead of borrowing money to spend on services, when you should know and for one minute I do not doubt you do not know but prefer to say otherwise, it is both illegal and imoral.

  2. Thank you for replying but nowhere in above article no I mention using capital funds to provide services, are you simply ignoring the revenue increases the above two reports highlight. Why can you not advise where the additional revenue some £27m over next few years will come from?

    You were made aware back in 2012 by YOUR consultants savilles that an I quote “If it is assumed that the Council procure BREEAM Excellent buildings then on a pure revenue basis there is an overall increase in annual cost of c. £(redcated) per annum.’

    So even after selling your assets and relocating you won’t even be saving revenue, that three reports stating increased revenue (not capital), but you don’t trust your own reports do you? Do you even glance at the cabinet reports before agreeing them?

    I hope you continue to reply but please stick to topic of revenue funds.

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