Open and Transparent Budget?

In October Stoke on Trent Cabinet agreed to the additional spending of £6.9 million a year to cover the costs of the new Civic Centre in Hanley, but not how it was to be funded.

revenue table

I was hoping that the budget consultation would identified who The City Council planned to cover this extra cost, having read the recent Budget Consultation Booklet I was unable to see any details, of course asking Councillors was futile

Today the District Auditor  contacted me to advised that the additional £6.9 million has been included in budget consultation booklet under “expenditure pressures” on page 9 of the consultation booklet, but the spending pressures are not being consulted upon and are therefore not shown in the “blue book”

budget consultation

What are we being consulted upon if not “expenditure pressures”?

The District Auditor  is now  satisfied that sufficient information has been put into the public domain for the public to understand the costs of the CBD development. and the additional costs , are you?

Is it any clearer how this £27 million gap is to be funded and where the money is to come from? The Council have commented “that any additional revenue burden of this initiative is outweighed by the estimated benefits to the local economy of the Central Business District development (which they estimate as £62m per annum”. So the Council will need to make revenue cuts across our City, but its for the greater good IF new businesses move to CBD.


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