it’s “not about car parking”

Letter to Cllr Andy Platt about development sites in Hanley and Stoke

In the local press you said, if you could please reply with your own knowledge and views and not trouble officers with replying on your behalf, if you are unable to answer just say or request the cabinet member replies again on personal level so as not to trouble officers.

Councillor Andy Platt, Labour, said: “Like many people, I would prefer to see this in the city centre, but it is not about car parking, it is about the amount of parking and I can see why this site has been considered.

“This organisation is the largest private sector employer in the city. Having such a large national and international organisation in our city is something we should be hugely proud of. It is a premier league development for our city.”

What has happened to the multi storey car park from original plans and discussed during the recent Genr8 consultation?

Bet365 in their recent planning application said they had the choice of just two office blocks, have all other blocks got investors and if so why no press release on this good news? or have Genr8 scaled back plans for central business district hence lack now of a multi storey and only 4 office blocks 2 of which will house the council?

Bet365 also stated that Stoke Links site was still not yet available to developers, why is this? Surely this prime site would enhance the link between Spode and train station, and create greater interest in spode?

If parking is now an issue in CBD what sort of companies to you expect Genr8 to attract, who will be willing to relie on buses and public car parks to cater for the transport needs of visitors and employees.

Original plan with multi storey

Inline images 1

Genr8 Consultation with multi storey (bottom right)
Inline images 2

Latest Plan showing no multi storey

Inline images 3


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