The Wedgwood Big House High Court Battle

Stoke City Council is arguing in The High Court that it is legally entitled to keep its pavement on top of The Wedgwood Big House and is therefore permitted to continue to do significant damage to the building (which will ultimately result in its destruction).

What would Prince Charles and the Heritage Lottery people think about Stoke City Council’s behaviour if they w Continue reading


Save Fenton Town Hall Campaign

Save Fenton Town Hall Campaign (SFTHC) goes into overdrive as help comes from across the country!

Dig in for victory!

Supporters, activists and campaign groups arrived late last night to rally round the custodians of the Town Hall and offer skills, support and community organising experience in the wake of a 24hr Notice to Quit from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ).

“We helped to Save the Friern Barnet Library and have come up to help the people of Fenton save this amazing community space.” said activist and community organiser Phoenix from London.

Canny campaigners rapidly replied with a LETTER OF NEGOTIATION to the Ministry stating that they were mid-negotiation and they felt disappointed by the Ministry’s behaviour. During a meeting on the 24th November, between the Ministry and the Save Fenton Town Hall Campaign, the MOJ offered a week to put in a full proposal for community use. However, just shortly after the meeting ended, they appeared to do a u turn and served notice to quit within 24hrs.

“We were mid-negotiation and dialogue and were waiting for more information from the Ministry when all of a sudden this happened. We found this letter taped to the doors. There are so many mistakes on it that we weren’t even sure it was real. We hope this can be cleared up and we can continue the work that we have started in the building to regenerate the local area and economy in partnership with Urban Vision North Staffs” replied Jane one of the Custodians in the building.

Their reply was swift and sure – they are going to dig in for victory! A copy of the letter is attached.

The custodians are appealing to all residents and local groups to rally round, use the building and thereby save this amazing space.

We would like to annouce that the Community project is now open 10am to 8pm each day for cafe, exhibitions, library, workshops, talks and campaign organising. Plans include a weekly film night, farmers’ markets, live music evenings, meeting spaces and many more ideas. We are currently compiling a timetable of events which will be up online on the Fenton facebook group and also in the building itself.

Campaign momentum is building, we are winning… now is the time to get involved. There will be an openmeeting this evening at 7pm in the Town Hall. We would love to see you all there.


Is our Heritage safe in our Councils hands?


No one can fail to see the beauty of our Heritage across the City no place more so than in Burslem, The Mothertown. The Angel gleams and watches over all, the Town Hall soon to be restored thanks to Haywood Academy, restoring it back into use as a sixth form centre from September next year. Continue reading