Is our Heritage safe in our Councils hands?


No one can fail to see the beauty of our Heritage across the City no place more so than in Burslem, The Mothertown. The Angel gleams and watches over all, the Town Hall soon to be restored thanks to Haywood Academy, restoring it back into use as a sixth form centre from September next year.

Come September 2015 will the Scaffolding still be on the Queens Theatre, will Wedgwoods Big House still be boarded up? A Freedom of Information request revealed the reason for the excessive time the scaffolding has been in place is due to damage to roof structure caused by missing lead, the remedial work to correct the deterioration is not covered by the Councils insurer, so work has had to stop,

While the Council decided how or if to fund repairs to the roof structure, the costs of scaffolding mounts over £30,000 since work stopped.

Similarly next door the Wedgwood Big House continues to wait for the Councils insures to fund and fix the damaged caused by alterations to the highway, and the Big House faces another winter of water entering the building.

Are all of the Cities Heritage Buildings at risk of poor insurance cover from the City Council?



One response to “Is our Heritage safe in our Councils hands?

  1. Hi, I like this piece as it is condensed. What I would like to say is that again the council at fault is not highlighted. Whilst it is true that the insurance held by the council is somewhat flawed, in this case it should not have been.

    When the lead was stolen and damaged at the front, rear and sides, the council failed to erect scaffolding to detail ALL of the damage due to the lead thefts/attack. Scaffold was erected at the front some sixteen to seventeen months (16-17) AFTER the lead thefts/attack at the front of the Queens Princes Hall.

    The City Council had relied on emergency temporary repairs carried out by us in April 2012. Thus when workmen (KIER) finally revealed the extent of the lead theft/attack, water ingress had caused massive damage to the roof structure and continues to do so. Both Kier and Council were informed of the breakdown of the emergency repairs and Over roof cover should have been installed in May 2012 but the council would have none of it…..although the insurance loss adjuster believed this would happen.

    Today we now see the council and its cover up officers trying to pin the blame on us at the Queens Theatre site because of their unprofessional broken “DUTY of CARE” from the outset including their trading partner Kier who in our opinion could not shut an open door without a risk assessment, hard hat or brightly coloured jacket.

    Whilst the City pay for a high court battle with the Big House, there is another battle preparing to cost the taxpayer of this city for bungling officers actions.

    In short………”Heritage is not at all safe in the Councils hands”

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