History of Central Business District

For the benefit of Labour Activist Gary Elsby, a brief history of Central Business District, with pictures for Gary

Elected Mayor System Deputy Mayor Cllr Pervez

2007 A Strategic Partnership proposed in an Outline Business Case provided by Tribal Consulting

Proposed a move of 200 support staff  from Swann House to a 40,000 sq feet office with Council occupying 50%

2008 July : The Executive and Members Board agree to procurement process for the Strategic Partnership

2008 August : Procurement published

2009 February : Outline Bids received

2009 March : Genr8 selected as preferred bidder

2009 April :  Proposal to re-phase and accelerate the transfer of services to the Strategic Partnership

CouncillorJoynson asked how the transfer to jobs from Stoke to Hanley fitted with the regeneration of Stoke Town Centre.  The Director of Central Services confirmed that there were plans for other City Council staff to move into Swann House when the current staff transferred to Hanley.

2009 May : Call-in: Proposal to re-phase and accelerate the transfer of services to the Strategic Partnership

Councillor Salih asked the Committee to consider the following two recommendations:

 (i) – That the Executive and Executive and Members’ Board delay the re-phasing and acceleration of the transfer of services to the Strategic Partnership as outlined within the report submitted until a detailed economic impact assessment including the impact on shops and services in Stoke Town Centre and surrounding area is carried out.

(ii) – That detailed costs be provided to full Council before the contract is signed with the preferred bidder and anchor tenant.

The Interim Chief Executive commented that an economic impact assessment would take approximately 6 months to complete and reiterated that as it would be based on footfall, there would be no impact on the Town as the equivalent number of staff moving out of Swann House would be moving back in.

On being put to the vote, the above recommendations were carried.  (Councillor Sutton abstained from voting on the second resolution).

City Independents coalition Council Leader Ross Irving

2009 September : Review launched due to financial and operational risks to the Council

2010 March : Procurement Process Stopped

Joint coalition Council Leader Cllr Pervez

2010 July : Development Agreement signed with Genr8

Labour Controlled Council Leader Cllr Pervez


Prefferred Option 3a – Consolidate into city centre CBD project, core operational property plus such administrative buildings as required to include the Civic Centre

Retaining the Civic Centre maintains a presence in Stoke and is considered to be more appropriate politically

2012 April : Savills report on “Office Accommodation Estate Strategy

If it is assumed that the Council procure BREEAM Excellent buildings then on a pure revenue basis there is an overall increase in annual cost of c. £(redcated) per annum.

and from

2012 May : The move from Civic was announced by Cabinet

Move from Civic Centre to 140,000 square feet of office accommodation for the City Council with 1000+ staff


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