An Open Letter to all Stoke Councillors

From Alan Barret posted to March on Stoke Facebook Page

This is what I’ve just sent, and CC to Martin Tideswell and Phil McCann

Dear Councillors,

as you’ve all signed up to the council’s “openness and transparency” policy, I wonder if you’d be so kind as to inform the public about the current state of the CBD floor. My understanding is that it was a “minor issue” which should surely have been resolved by now.

However, if recent information I’ve received is accurate, then the problem is far from minor and could result in at least one of the buildings having to be mothballed and possibly demolished.

Could you please confirm or deny this by the end of the week, and certainly before the election, if only to allay public concerns that our money – and it is OUR MONEY, because we’ll have to pay the loan back – is not being wasted.

As Councillor Pervez is fond of saying, to do nothing is not an option. Frankly, I see that this ongoing prevarication as “doing nothing”; it’s certainly doing nothing assuage my concerns.

Opposition councillors, if this is true and you also knew about it, why haven’t you said something publicly?

Yours sincerely,

Alan Barrett